Sexy Selfie with Lena

16. Februar 2015

Sure, I asked Lena Dunham for a selfie when I interviewed her for German Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Regarding: “Superstar”

9. Januar 2015


New Sneakers

6. Januar 2015

This Spring I am adding two more fabulous sneakers to my wardrobe. The new Adidas Superstars “Vintage Deluxe” and the new Nike Air Max 1. Both models I’ve been wearing for ages. They were also the first pairs I remember when I got them at the age of 14 and wore them ever since at any Hip Hop Jam in Bavaria. They remind me of the good old days when drinking Vodka-Lemon (sometimes out of a can at the petrol station) was cooler than sitting in a non smoking bar in front of a tiny Gin Tonic-Drink. Like I am still the Vodka-Girl, though with Soda than Lemon now, I dare to grow-up with those two modified models. Anyways, I am down.

Beyoncé x Juergen Teller

4. Juni 2014

On June’s Culture Issue


4. Juni 2014

Fotografiert in L.A. (zwischen Venice und Santa Monica) im September 2011